I am not interested in pretending that this is not my voice. I recognize sound as something human. In a vacuum, poetry is a language of error. This is the most human thing. We can all benefit from vulnerability. That's what I'm trying to say here: Why is poetry afraid to speak? This is an appeal, a missing organ. One word is more whole than another, a fraction of sound. Access cannot be indulgent. False defense. A good poem is a slumber party & I know every secret there is to know. If you fear this, cover each mirror in this room with duct tape until nothing. This is a poem if you let it.

Poetry is an incorrectness. If you believe anything, know that I am not looking for pity. Tonight, everyone is talking about the sunset. It looks like something that isn't worth explaining. Poetry and all that.I won't tell you about the sunset, the sky and the sun and how everything begins and ends all the time. Is that so wrong? People expect so much from poets. I don't have anything new to tell you about light. What I know: I have given up and I am here to tell you what that is like. Listen: how many times have we tried to describe this? Poetry's fault in some way. A misstep. Poetry is an art of comparison.


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