I am learning to exist as a self. Isn't that the good poem? The art in a vacuum. My friends won't take my poems seriously and I think that means I'm doing it right. The most human word next to the poem. If you count every first person pronoun here, I'll discover the lack of trust. Then write a book composed only of Facebook confessionals. This is the continuity, the proof that all is cyclical, that I may have proof that what I am not all wrong. This is lenience: I am a person who is not palatable. Radical art is never palatable and yet. I am going to be famous one day and I know this to be true in fiction. Just Google me. 

I don't have a problem telling you everything about me but what good would that do? I am not as interesting as the people whose names are all up in lights. I'm just a person who is trying too hard to be an artist. Isn't that the problem? People expect so much from poets. I don't have anything new to tell you about light. I've said this before. When I say I want to be famous, I mean I want to know someone cares about me. Is this the human thing? Poetry untitled, poetry hyphenated, poem as anything you'll give a name. Reproduction an typo. Radical art is never palatable and I always do my laundry on time.