When I do not try to be a poem at all. I want to see my name in lights. Understand this: anything with a flame will burn out eventually. What is left is the poem. A candle with nothing to sear. The dripping. Poetry is an art of comparison. Talin tells me this & she doesn't know what MFA program she will get into, like that movie The Island (2005) with Steve Buscemi where you're drafted into paradise & then killed. I think that's what grad school is like, placing trust in a machine. The best poem I know is when Scout watched The Matrix (1999) ten times in one month in a competition to see

Listen: I would like to begin with the most obvious piece of everything. A poet cannot understand poetry. For example: Ezra Pound will want me dead if I mattered at all. Famous poets do not exist. Ezra Pound is dead. I want to see my name in lights. Each bulb is about to burn out. I'm here to find the cheapest rent in the city. Nothing has to be perfect. Everything is out of place. The thing about poetry is that everyone wants it to matter. I am not interested in poems with value, matter and mattering. An honest poem can never matter and be completely true. I want to be the poem everyone loves.


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