make you become more of a human. Radical honesty. I am bad at following through. Again, listen: So I have this idea for an art project: I tell this boy I like him & record audio of everything he says. I'm not looking for this and you've got it all wrong. It's typical. Crossing the street and daring the bus to keep going. I know how it goes, wheels and gasoline and all. Something scientific. I build a wooden silo with money I do not have & I line the inside with Facebook messages in which I fail to become a more palatable version of myself. The audio plays on loop within the silo & it's an art installation.

who can watch The Matrix (1999) the most times in a month. I don't remember who won. An MFA is a competition with no victor & I love to win. I want to be famous and I say this as a joke mostly. A poem is a person & is so easy to kill, so easy to stay alive forever. It is still possible that I may be afraid to die. I fall asleep and wake to prove this point. Poetry is an art of comparison. A poem is the next best thing. This to this. That to that. Poetry as small-scale celebrity. Compare me with the last book you read & I won't stand straight up. Right now, you think about this & I'm so sorry. I like poems that. 


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