recording: I was supposed to record audio of a boy rejecting me after I say I like him and then use it for bad art. We talked over text instead because I am afraid of becoming too vulnerable. This prose is not meant to make it seem as though I am a God figure. I am less than human at times like this. Art is easy and survival is not. The problem lies in the insignificance. 

[IMG: text reads, "shit sorry I was at a movie! I totally understand that and I thank you so much for being honest! (radical honesty ftw) i hope it's not a horrible thing to say that I just want to be friends cause I really think you're an awesome person and I feel lucky to know someone who's not a 'normal normie penn person' u know?"]

[IMG: text reads, "anyway here's wonderwall" <insert link>]

If I say I want to die, what I mean is I want someone to love me, especially myself. The poem that does its best to find something that is true. I am waiting for all of the bugs to crawl away. Last night John painted a tree next to a pond next to a bench and spent so much time trying to decide where the moon reflects in the water. I love poems about the moon because I was once told to never write poems about the moon. Simple psychology backward. I don't have the patience to paint a tree in that light. I hope it doesn't sounds angsty. I don't have anything new to tell you about light. So, that idea I had about the audio


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