Poetry is an art of comparison and I am done competing. My next idea for an art project is that I start a magazine called POETRY Magazine Magazine and colloquially everyone calls it POETRY Magazine. I publish all submissions. It's like how they call The New Yorker Magazine The New Yorker.  I would destroy this hierarchy but that is so much work. I do not with to operate out of spite. Publishing and all that. Not caring is a form of caring. I wrote a found poem in 2015 where I copy/pasted the list of the most competitive poetry markets on Duotrope and titled it I WISH I COULD BE A POET WITHOUT CARING ABOUT THE FOLLOWING.

I write with a constant fear of invalidation. I prefer a medium. I have no money for art supplies and I am waiting to be noticed. I cannot bring myself to create the vulnerability I desire: I cover myself in the innards of watermelon and fail to photograph the anxiety I set out to capture. Fruit is not a food that makes me anxious. This isn't how it works. Most art is a lie and I apologize again. I am jealous of people who can write better poems than mine. I am unsure how many poems are in this book and where one poem ends and another begins. This is for you to decide: a changing amount.


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